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Michelle Zellich's Personal Page
October 18, 1948 - June 9, 2021

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Reported under the heading of "Strange But True":

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.

Or is this a myth? See The Straight Dope, Archives - from 22 May 1998
And see Now they know how many quacks it takes to fill the Albert Hall


Me, relaxing with a couple of my friends
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photo of Michelle with Rich Cross and Tom Seymour (costumed as Zippy the Pinhead)


A few family pictures
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photo - Michelle and Deb Stratmann doing the duck danceDoing the "Duck Dance" - me, and Deb Stratmann (in Cam Nickleberry's hat)

photo - my father and great-granddaughter HeaterMy father, Harley Earl Jennings, and his great-granddaughter Heather

photo - grandkids Ryan, Dylan, Heather at HalloweenGrandkids Ryan, Dylan, and Heather at Halloween

photo - granddaughter Heather at HalloweenGranddaughter Heather at Halloween

photo - grandson Dylan at HalloweenGrandson Dylan at Halloween

photo - my son, Chris, and his son, Dylan napping togetherMy son, Chris, and his son, Dylan, sharing quality time

photo - Heather at Christmas #1 photo - Heather at Christmas #2 photo - Heather at Christmas #3 My granddaughter, Heather, Christmas 1997


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